Party Registration Gone Wrong — Do You Know What Party You Belong To?

By Devon Spungin and Brooke Georgiadis An investigation has raised questions about the Launch Party’s voter registration practices. Two delegates from the media program, Kyra Powell and Spring Reviea, were switched from one political party to another without their consent, after trying to interview a member of the Launch Party for a news story. “We were trying to … Continue reading “Party Registration Gone Wrong — Do You Know What Party You Belong To?”

Ariana Trujillo: How Her Platform has Been Carried Out

Ariana Trujillo is the presiding Youth Governor for the 69th MLC. Delegates expressed their opinions on how she has performed as Youth Governor and how she has carried through with her platform. The Youth Governor creates a platform when they run, and Trujillo’s platform consisted of three parts. “Creating a movement of small but real world … Continue reading “Ariana Trujillo: How Her Platform has Been Carried Out”

Delegates Interest in California’s Secession Increases Every Year

Every year Constitutional Convention delegates write a proposal to have California succeeding from the nation. Three year Con Con volunteer program staff member Kevork Kurdoghilan says that delegates propose that California succeed from the United States every year but every year the proposal fails to pass. This year, two proposals were introduced and, according to Kurdoghilan, this year the proposals were … Continue reading “Delegates Interest in California’s Secession Increases Every Year”

Sacramento Car Chase

Yesterday morning as delegates were preparing for an exciting new day, red and blue lights flashed around their hotel rooms and loud sirens grated their ears. For students overlooking J Street, the morning took an exciting turn. Around 7:15 a.m., a red Toyota van barrelled down J street–a one way street. This vehicle was traveling the wrong way and speeding through oncoming … Continue reading “Sacramento Car Chase”

Political Parties Coming to a Close

Many delegates within Youth and Government believe Political Parties is a laid back program area for those who prefer a more relaxed experience in Sacramento. What delegates don’t realize is how much work actually goes into Political Parties for a Youth Governor campaign. “One of the biggest struggles with Political Parties was how diverse our platform … Continue reading “Political Parties Coming to a Close”