Are the Meet the Candidates Sessions Useful? Here’s What Delegates Had to Say

To get a sense of how Youth and Government delegates are reacting to Thursday’s Meet the Candidates session, which gave Y&G participants a chance to hear from people running for chief justice, Y&G News did an informal poll of 41 delegates.

Sixty-five percent of those polled said they were satisfied with that section of opening joint session in Sacramento. Seventy-three percent said they paid attention.

“[I liked it] because it was short,” one respondent said.

For some of those who were unsatisfied with the experience, the length and lack of questions for the chief justice candidates led to their disappointment.

Jennifer Aguilar of Anaheim said she “would need more information” to make the best decision. “It’s hard to get to know a person based on a couple of speeches,” she continued.

One delegate claimed to have wanted to listen, but said that toward the end it was “hard to pay attention.”

One delegate felt the candidates “didn’t relate to the audience” and that joint sessions in all are just “super long,” which makes it difficult to pay attention. When asked if the candidates’ speeches get repetitive, one delegate replied with a strong “absolutely,” going on that no one really stood out to her and that they all seemed to have the same “mellow tone” in their platforms and emotion.

Others claim to not pay attention because of flat-out distractions. Friends, social media and games are all things that contribute to draining attention from session. One delegate even went on to say that all he did during session was play Assassin’s Creed and pay attention to his friends.

“I’m in political parties and I don’t even know their names,” he said.

Author: Jane Thompson

Verdugo Hills