Are You Hungry? Go Eat At: Osaka Sushi

by Rachel Jung, Maggie McCormick, Deep Kaur

Lauren Jacobs and Hannah Megery from Pali-Mali delegation enjoying their dinner at Osaka Sushi

During our time here in Sacramento, we are overwhelmed with the immense selection of places to eat. Finding a place with a reasonable wait time and decent food can be hard, but Osaka Sushi manages to meet these expectations to all sushi-loving delegates.

Sushi chefs making sushi rolls

Offering a variety of Japanese foods such as dragon rolls and chicken teriyaki, Osaka Sushi appeals to all different tastes. Some delegate favorites are the udon and the avocado roll.

All of the food is prepared in the restaurant by the sushi chefs, and the sushi bar in the back allows customers to watch as the food is made.

When asked why he came to Osaka Sushi, Kyle Pedersen of the Davinci delegation said “it is really close to the convention center so it’s a convenient place to eat.” So ladies, if your heels are high and your legs are cramping, the walk to Osaka isn’t that far!

Kyle Pederson and the rest of his friends from the Davinci delegation

Lauren Jacobs and Hannah Megery from Pali-Mali delegation agreed on the convenient location of Osaka Sushi, as well as the worth of the wait and cost. Lauren said “it’s cheap and definitely worth the wait time.” Fortunately, the wait time was only 20 to 25 minutes according to an employee.

With its low prices and accessibility, Osaka Sushi is a very popular place to eat for many Y&G delegates.