Ariana Trujillo: How Her Platform has Been Carried Out

Ariana Trujillo is the presiding Youth Governor for the 69th MLC. Delegates expressed their opinions on how she has performed as Youth Governor and how she has carried through with her platform.

The Youth Governor creates a platform when they run, and Trujillo’s platform consisted of three parts.

  1. “Creating a movement of small but real world changes [including] legislative workshops, anyone and everyone can work with politicians to exchange and improve our ideas, and to find new ways of extending our ideas into real world action.”
  2. “Uniting us including statewide mentorship program; forum and new-coming delegates will be paired or grouped with people that share their common interests so they can have a sense of guidance and support coming into the program.”
  3. “Listening and supporting small delegations—open forums, and encouraging the creation of coalitions and sister delegations.”

Some would say that the platform Ariana campaigned for has not been fully realized due to the difficulty of carrying out everything in four days.

Many Youth Governors make campaign promises that don’t come to fruition.

“It’s good to have a platform that’s feasible that you can actually carry out,” Megana Bobba said.

Youth Governors have to focus on certain issues when they are in the position. Bobba expressed how it’s important to focus on issues that resonate with people.

“I really wish more Youth Governor candidates focused on climate change, and Ariana didn’t do that,” Sunny Wang said.

Delegates who had voted for Trujillo also expressed concerns about how she has performed as Youth Governor.

“It really seemed like Ariana wanted to bridge that gap between large and small delegations and her platform was really good when she was running,” Lauren Chua said, “But I feel like in the past year she hasn’t really stuck to anything she’s promised.”

According to her Chief of Staff, Trujillo has passed around 50 bills in her administration. She has vetoed just three bills.

She is getting ready to pass on the gavel tonight at the Governor’s Banquet. When asked what advice she has for the next Youth Governor, Trujillo stated with a grin, “Be ready.”