Delegates Interest in California’s Secession Increases Every Year

Every year Constitutional Convention delegates write a proposal to have California succeeding from the nation. Three year Con Con volunteer program staff member Kevork Kurdoghilan says that delegates propose that California succeed from the United States every year but every year the proposal fails to pass. This year, two proposals were introduced and, according to Kurdoghilan, this year the proposals were … Continue reading “Delegates Interest in California’s Secession Increases Every Year”

Delegates React to Anti-Jerry Brown/Pro-Trump Protest

Post election, conflict between liberals and conservatives has been at an all time high. When Trump supporters were seen protesting during a California Youth and Government conference in Sacramento–one of the most concentrated areas of liberal teens in the state–delegates and outsiders alike reacted in various ways. Though there were physical acts of defiance including … Continue reading “Delegates React to Anti-Jerry Brown/Pro-Trump Protest”