Delegations: Bringing Delegates Together One Conference at a Time

Every year participants returning to Youth and Government say they feel like they are coming “home.” Within the program, delegations act as support systems, spirit boosters, and shoulders to lean on when the paperwork is stacking up and delegates’ energy is draining. Arvin Hariri a second year participant in the Berkeley Delegation participates in ice breakers, … Continue reading “Delegations: Bringing Delegates Together One Conference at a Time”

Raising Leaders by Raising Funds

Many who have come in contact with Youth and Government know that the admission cost of a single delegate can near $2,000. With an unstable economy and fluctuating costs, how exactly do delegations across California fundraise to make ends meet? Bonnie Mencos, an advisor of the San Gabriel Valley Delegation Epic Cluster, said her delegation does … Continue reading “Raising Leaders by Raising Funds”

Spotlight on Small Delegations: Weingart Urban

Located in Southern California, the Weingart Urban delegation knows what it means to be a small delegation; it’s home to a mere fourteen delegates. February 17th’s joint session provided Jared Savage, a Weingart Urban delegate, with the opportunity to ask the 70th Youth Governor candidates what they plan on doing when elected to assist in giving … Continue reading “Spotlight on Small Delegations: Weingart Urban”

Spotlight on Small Delegations: SFY

Competing with large crowds is never easy, especially in Youth and Government, where candidates can rely on delegations to secure their place in coveted positions. The delegates of the San Francisco YMCA (SFY) are no strangers to putting in strenuous amounts of effort to promote their candidates and to ramp up small delegation spirit. When … Continue reading “Spotlight on Small Delegations: SFY”