Youth Governor’s Press Conference Recap

By Sophia Hughes and Kimia Izadinia At her press conference on Saturday morning, Youth Governor Ariana Trujillo addressed the events that had occurred on Friday night regarding the actions of acting Youth Governor, Ethan Harris. Harris is the current Lieutenant Governor and vetoed a bill making California a sanctuary state while he was Youth Governor. … Continue reading “Youth Governor’s Press Conference Recap”

Youth Governor Vetoes Bill Making California a Sanctuary State

Following the abrupt end of Ariana Trujillo’s governor position in the California Emergency Response Team simulation, her replacement, Youth Governor Ethan Harris, made his first executive action by vetoing bill 2001. Bill 2001 was proposed by the California Emergency Team and would have been benefitted current illegal immigrants who feel threatened by the President of the … Continue reading “Youth Governor Vetoes Bill Making California a Sanctuary State”