How Are Our Elections for Chief Justice Different from the Real Chief Justice?

While most elected officials in Youth and Government are elected similarly to the real government, some appointed positions are not. In this case, Chief Justice is a position where it does not duplicate the voting process like the real government. Leaders in the government, Chief Justices are the highest officials in the judicial branch. They deal with a … Continue reading “How Are Our Elections for Chief Justice Different from the Real Chief Justice?”

Appellate Court’s in Session!

The role of the Appellate Court is to analyze a specific disputed issue that came from the trial courts. The three roles, Appellants, Respondents, and Justices, work to decide a legal issue that will effect the future rulings of the lower courts. This year, the case before the Appellate Court involves a 19 year-old female hacker. The People … Continue reading “Appellate Court’s in Session!”

Candidates For 70th Chief Justice

After an exhausting joint session with most delegates arriving early in the morning, many need a refresher on the platforms of the candidates for 70th Chief Justice. Candidates include Chloe Hilles, Jake Takakjian, Celine Cuadra, Anish Patel, and Saaketh Tirumala. According to Oliver Snow from the SF/Marin delegation, many of the candidates speeches “were wider scopes but … Continue reading “Candidates For 70th Chief Justice”