Forum Court: The People vs. Jason Nelson

By: Olivia Rubin and Nalani Kamae Forum Court’s case “The People vs. Jason Nelson,” has caused quite a stir. At issue, the appellant had been charged with carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle with an enhanced offense for gang affiliations, violating Pen. Code Section 26100, subd. (a) and Section 186.22 subd. (d), according to Jeremy … Continue reading “Forum Court: The People vs. Jason Nelson”

Forum: Would It Have Helped You In Y&G?

The purpose of the Forum program is to help freshmen become familiar with the Youth and Government program. Some delegates think that forum isn’t needed; others believe that it’s the best thing in this program for delegates. Katie Garner is a senior from the Culver-Palms YMCA. This is her third and last year in the Youth and … Continue reading “Forum: Would It Have Helped You In Y&G?”