IAC Proposal: Magic Mushrooms

In the Pacific Ocean, there is a so-called “Trash Vortex” the size of Texas. IAC Delegates Cecilia Lokhorst, Olivia Kalatschan, Tanner Coolidge, and Ben Elmerick’s proposal plans to use plastic eating fungi, called pestalotiopsis microspora to consume the plastic that contaminates the Pacific, and can also be fed to marine biolife. The proposal suggests covering the Pacific Garbage … Continue reading “IAC Proposal: Magic Mushrooms”

The NIC Process

NIC – The National Issues Commission. But how well do you really know this small program area? The NIC process starts with delegates each writing a proposal to pitch at their commissions. These proposals then go through three highly competitive preliminary rounds, each of which cuts out half of the proposals. These proposals are judged … Continue reading “The NIC Process”

What Is IAC?

Simply put, IAC is the International Affairs Commission. After speaking with several colleagues in the program, it was gathered that IAC deals with multiple tracks (topics) while groups of four work together to find solutions to the issues they find most prominent within their track. Julian Burke of the Albany delegation remarks on IAC tracks … Continue reading “What Is IAC?”

What is NIC?

NIC consists of advanced public speaking and a unique way of finding what Sid Hirschberg calls “the best of the best.” NIC stands for National Issues Commission, and the program area primarily focuses on issues of national or international importance. This year the four presiding commissioners are Reni De La Nuez, Sidney Hirschberg, Diego Montoya and … Continue reading “What is NIC?”