Sacramento Car Chase

Yesterday morning as delegates were preparing for an exciting new day, red and blue lights flashed around their hotel rooms and loud sirens grated their ears. For students overlooking J Street, the morning took an exciting turn. Around 7:15 a.m., a red Toyota van barrelled down J street–a one way street. This vehicle was traveling the wrong way and speeding through oncoming … Continue reading “Sacramento Car Chase”

‘I Didn’t Sign up for this Tower of Terror’

An elevator in the Sheraton had a serious malfunction while it was descending from the third floor on Thursday evening. The brakes in the elevator failed to activate causing the elevator and the people inside to drop straight to ground floor. Nobody was reported injured.  It is unclear how many delegates were inside the elevator at … Continue reading “‘I Didn’t Sign up for this Tower of Terror’”

The Sacramento Convention Center: Where the Magic Happens

The Sacramento Convention Center holds Youth and Government together. It connects students from Northern and Southern California, freshman and seniors, and people of multiple racial and ethnic backgrounds by placing us all under the same roof. The students in the YMCA Youth and Government program are constantly bustling around and working hard for their individual … Continue reading “The Sacramento Convention Center: Where the Magic Happens”

How Y and G Affects the Hard Workers of Sacramento

Every year in February, over three thousand delegates from the Youth and Government program take to the streets of Sacramento. It is evident that the city of Sacramento affects the program, but how does the Youth and Government program affect Sacramento? How do workers in Sacramento feel with this high fluctuation of student life? Do … Continue reading “How Y and G Affects the Hard Workers of Sacramento”

Intro to the Capitol

by Maggie McCormick, Deep Kaur, Rachel Jung This February in Sacramento, Y&G has the privilege of “taking over” the Capitol once again. Unfortunately, many delegates don’t have sessions that allow them to visit this beautiful and historical building. A tour guide working at the Capitol expressed her sorrow in the fact that many Californians never … Continue reading “Intro to the Capitol”