Dance Danger

The Governor’s Dance is a very popular social activity that occurs during each conference every year. Many delegates go to the dances to bust out some dance moves and spend time with friends after a long exhausting day. At times, the dances can become crowded in the center, and potentially dangerous for those in the mosh … Continue reading “Dance Danger”

Schedule Struggles

From the start of first sessions to lunch times, delegates’ schedules vary depending on their program areas. Different program areas have different levels of freedom, and different delegates have different views of the various schedule tracks. Hannah Megery from Palisades-Malibu is currently in the Media program. A typical day includes having the whole day to … Continue reading “Schedule Struggles”

DOF Director Alex Hachigian: A True Leader

Though not all leaders in Y&G are as well known as the Youth Governor, many delegates hold executive leadership positions within their respective program areas. Alex Hachigian, a delegate from the Newport-Corona Del Mar delegation is one of them. Hachigian has worked his way to the top during his time in the Department of Finance, and … Continue reading “DOF Director Alex Hachigian: A True Leader”

Travel Struggles

By Anaisse Rivero and Brianna Benford Media delegates from Group 3 went around the streets of Downtown Sacramento to interview delegates who had experienced a unique journey to the capital. These delegates shared the horrors of their bus ride–one thing they’d have changed about their trip–and described their first day. Tommy Holmes of the CCY Delegation said, “My … Continue reading “Travel Struggles”