Candidates for 70th Chief Justice

The Chief justice presides over the oral arguments of the Supreme Court and serves as spokesperson for the judicial branch. Currently 5 delegates are running for 70th Chief Justice: Chloe Hilles from the Launch Party, Jake Takakjian from the Sunrise Party, Celine Cuadra from the Delta Party, Anish Patel (unaffiliated) from the Long Beach delegation, and Saaketh Tirumala (unaffiliated) from the Torrance-South Bay delegation.

Launch Party representative, Shahzad Khan, spoke about why he believes Chloe Hilles is the best candidate for 70th Chief Justice. According to Khan, the Launch Party endorsed Hilles because, “[her] platform is very much aligned with our platform.” He mentioned that she deserves this position because, “Chloe as a candidate is very experienced … and on top of that she is extraordinary as a person.”

Nate Row, the representative of the Sunrise Party, spoke about Jake Takakjian the candidate for 70th Chief Justice whom is affiliated with the Sunrise Party. Nate Row believes Jake Takakjian is ready for this position because, “he is incredibly experienced in court and I think that shows a lot of the passion that he has and in turn the kind of passion that he has for this program.”

Acacia Gabriel, the representative of the Delta Party spoke about Celine Cuadra, their 70th Chief Justice candidate. Acacia Gabriel believed that, “she is first off one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met … she is also so passionate about court … the amount of growth I’ve seen in her is absolutely phenomenal.”

Niko Peters, a delegate from the same delegation as Saaketh Timula, a candidate for 70th Chief Justice (unaffiliated), gave his thoughts on why Saaketh deserves to be 70th Chief Justice. According to Niko Peters, Saaketh Timula should get delegates’ votes because,”his platform is all about accessibility… we will see more people being connected and the court program growing.”

Alexis Marie Villate, a delegate from the greater Long Beach delegation, the same delegation as Anish Patel, said Anish deserves this position because,”Anish is truly an inspiration to all of our delegates and radiates the love of this program for all our delegates. He wants to lead all the small delegations as a force and represent us all.”

Elections for chief justice will be held Sunday February 18, 2017 from 8pm to 3pm.

Author: Abigail Eduardo Espinosa