Candidates For 70th Chief Justice

After an exhausting joint session with most delegates arriving early in the morning, many need a refresher on the platforms of the candidates for 70th Chief Justice. Candidates include Chloe Hilles, Jake Takakjian, Celine Cuadra, Anish Patel, and Saaketh Tirumala.

According to Oliver Snow from the SF/Marin delegation, many of the candidates speeches “were wider scopes but centered on state issues.”

Although many of the candidates’ arguments were talking about the big picture of the job of Youth Governor, the focus remained on key issues in California. Delegates found these speeches spoken by specific candidates easy to relate to.

Two delegates from SPPY/WY said that they could “relate to what [the candidates] were preaching”, specifically candidate Chloe Hilles. Hilles was the first candidate to give her opening argument speaking about her father and her experiences with his time in jail.  Her emotional, personal experience makes her a prime candidate for minorities and delegates with humble upbringings.

Candidate Celine Cuadra centered her argument around select foreign affairs. Cuadra, who is a passionate latina feminist, discussed the story of her parents and how they were illegal immigrants.  She wants delegates to move forward by offering educational workshops to first year delegates.

Candidate Anish Patel, articulated reforming the courts. Patel would also want to “provide moderated stances in which all court delegates can share their perspectives as a means to find solutions to controversial issues pending the courts today”.

Candidate Saaketh Tirumala shared his story on his personal experience in court. He started his youth and government career scared, like many, but after years of this experience, he feels free to speak his mind. Tirumala asserts to delegates the need to understand legal issues presented in the courts.

Candidate Jake Takakjian also shared his experience in the court program. Takakijan wants to make all opinions heard equally. He wants every delegate to have the ability to be given a chance to present their opinions. He claims that lack of exposure is a very real problem within the court program that should change.

Overall candidates speeches were “successful in their campaigns”, according to a delegate from Newport-Corona del Mar and displayed “progressive ideas about [our] society” exclaimed a delegate from Crescenta Canada.

All Candidates want minorities and this state as a whole to move forward no matter the circumstance.