Capitol vs. Convention Center-Blue Legislature Weighs In

As a member of the Blue Legislature, delegates have to be in the Capitol chambers and the Convention Center. Delegates have a variety of opinions on the positives and negatives on having their sessions in both places.

Forrest Kim, a Committee Chair for the Senate, weighed in on what makes the Capitol so special to him. He mentions that he feels that Y&G is the only program that can offer an experience like it, and adds that debating and talking in the Capitol is far more different than the Convention Center.

Forest additionally says that, “the Convention Center is great and all, but when sitting in there it feels a bit cold compared to the Capitol.”

Another delegate, Joshua Baum, had a different perspective. He says, “Delegates feel a little bit more uncomfortable in the Capitol because of the prestigious setting.”

Three year delegate Kaiden Layseca shared a similar opinion to Forrest Kim when she said, “The ambience is a completely different experience in the Capitol when compared to the Convention Center.”

The Capitol and the Convention Center both have advantages and drawbacks for each delegate. Delegates felt the Capitol offers a very prestigious setting which enhances the experience for them, however, delegates feel that it adds pressure to people when speaking. A positive for the Convention Center is its easy access.

Overall, the Capitol and the Convention Center both have unique qualities which make the experience great for both Senators and Assembly members.




Author: Bill Yang

EPIC- Murrieta/Temecula