Chief Justice Candidates and Political Parties

Although some candidates choose to run unaffiliated, political parties are a big part of the campaign process for Youth Governor. Many don’t know that Chief Justice candidates also sometimes run with political parties.

Chloe Hillies is running with the Launch Party, Jake Takakijan is running with the Sunrise Party, and Celine Cuadra is running with the Delta party. Anish Patel and Saaketh Tirumala are both running unaffiliated.

We asked a few party chairs about the disconnect with political parties and the Chief Justice position. Sunrise Party Chair Nate Row talked to us about the issue. He said, “With Governor Candidates, we have a primary at Fresno II with the parties and everyone is excited about that…but we Chief Justice, we don’t have that.” He added that the Sunrise Party backs anyone who wants to stand with them.

Delta Party chair Acacia Gabriel also had some input into the matter. She told us that this is the first time Chief Justice candidates are involved with Political Parties. “Last year we had a Chief Justice Candidate, but he never ran with us or campaigned with us…this year we are kind of testing the waters and seeing what we can do,” said Acacia. She concluded by saying that she hopes to eventually have Chief Justice candidates and Youth Governor candidates equally campaigning in the Political Parties.

Launch Party chair Shahzad Khan had a similar statement to the other chairs, claiming that since the justices were just added to the race, it is harder for people to connect them with their parties. He also thinks it would be nice to have the Chief Justice candidates presented at Fresno II.

The Office party had no candidate and did not have a statement on the issue.

Overall, most parties hope that as the years goes on in the program, the Chief Justice candidates will become more involved in the parties.

Author: Katie Randazzo