Comparing Political Parties

In the real government, political party affiliation helps identify candidates and profile their beliefs. Each party in Youth and Government has their own platform, yet differences between the actual candidates is what helps delegates decide who they want to vote for. Youth and Government is a model government, so how do real political parties relate to Youth and Government Political Parties?

At T&E ll, delegates disperse to separate rooms after the Meet the Candidates portion of the conference to hear candidates of different parties speak. From there, delegates vote on one candidate to represent their party.

By the end of the conference there are only five candidates left, one from each party with one unaffiliated candidate. This process is very similar to the primary process seen for presidential races. Each state votes from multiple candidates until one candidate is ultimately selected.

Each party also has to campaign and gather money for their candidate. While Youth and Government does not use real money, it is still important to gather as much imaginary money as possible to run the best campaign for each candidate. Similar to both Youth and Government Political Parties and real political parties, parties must campaign as much as possible to get candidates’ names and platforms out to the general public, and money is the best way to get a good campaign.

Despite similarities between our model government and our national government, some aspects are very different.

“Political Parties in Youth and Government aren’t as polarizing, most parties hold the same values and beliefs,” explained senior Katie Gates. It’s fairly clear how liberal of a program Youth and Government is, which is unrepresentative of the United States as a whole. The amount of liberals and conservatives nationally are much closer, although most states have a clear majority political ideology.

While there are few differences between Youth and Government Political Parties and real political parties, the similarities demonstrate how Youth and Government is a model government. With the work from Political Parties, the democratic process is able to continue within our own model government.

Author: Stephanie Hwang

Verdugo Hills