Conservative Caucus Uproar

An uproar. Chaos. A much needed step towards inclusion for conservative delegates in Youth and Government. And no matter what you call this movement, it’s one that is rapidly gaining momentum within the program.

Katie Hunt, who runs Y&G’s Conservative Caucus, claims that, “The conservative caucus is a place for conservative delegates to connect because often in Y&G, Republicans feel alone in a sea of blue.” Although Hunt is a conservative herself, it’s not just the conservative delegates that think that the Conservative Caucus is changing the culture of Youth and Government for the better.

“We are stuck in an echo chamber,” says Gabby Finear. Finear feels trapped in a society where people constantly emphasize the morals of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance–except when it comes to conservative ideas and proposals.

The purpose of Y&G is to further develop political opinions, according to various delegates that were interviewed, yet they are constantly discouraged when their opinions are based on Republican values.  These same delegates (which were both liberal and conservative) think that the Conservative Caucus is continuing to gain support.

No matter what their political views were, they all acknowledged that delegates must speak up and voice their opinions.  They must stand strong in their beliefs and not waiver. They must be accepting and open to other points of view, but not easily persuaded. As Franklin D. Roosevelt one proclaimed the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Author: Grace Hachigian

Newport-Corona del Mar