Constitution vs. Constitution

Most people know that at Con Con, former delegates have had to come up with ideas and create their own Constitution. But many people don’t know exactly how these ideas were generated.

Delegates look for ideas and issues within the California State Constitution and other problems faced in today’s society that aren’t being touched upon.

Bills are produced and placed in a docket, then are chosen and debated back and forth among one another as to whether they should be passed into a new Constitution.

One of the proposals within Con Con, which was developed and passed, is to ending the Death Penalty, eliminating taxes and expenses used to hold prisoners, according to former delegates during the discussion. It was also pointed out that innocent lives won’t be lost and expensive drugs won’t need to be created or tested.

The beauty of the Con Con Constitution is that unlike the California State Constitution, it can change faster. This means it can better reflect the ideas and desires of a younger generation, where modifications can be made around LGBT rights, feminism, religious rights and racial equality.

Seeing that a majority of the delegates agree with the displayed proposals that aren’t necessarily executable the constitution is therefore filled with multiple bills that contain issues that continue to be unsolved.