Dance Danger

The Governor’s Dance is a very popular social activity that occurs during each conference every year. Many delegates go to the dances to bust out some dance moves and spend time with friends after a long exhausting day.

At times, the dances can become crowded in the center, and potentially dangerous for those in the mosh pit. Unfortunately, this was the case for Jaya Pyne, a junior from Albany, who fell on the ground and had her face stepped on while she was in the mosh pit.

Jaya Pyne started off the day looking forward to attending the dance later that night. She expected the dance to be crazy, similar to the previous ones she has attended in Fresno and Sacramento the past few years. When Pyne stepped foot into Exhibit Hall C (where the dance was taking place) she immediately went to the dance floor and started dancing and singing with her friends.

This all suddenly changed when those around her started creating a mosh pit. People started jumping and pushing in the center, causing Pyne to fall on the ground and hit her head. As she was on the ground, someone stepped right on her face, currently leaving a red bump on her forehead and the possibility of a minor concussion.

Jaya Pyne’s forehead after the dance

Although this experience can be traumatizing, Pyne says that this didn’t ruin her experience at dances and that she’ll definitely go again but will be more careful next time.

Pyne also mentions that she is now interested in, “helping Y&G create better regulations within the dance so that it isn’t crowded in the middle. This way, people can still have fun safely.”

Advisors supervise the dances to insure that it is a safe environment for those who attend and rules aren’t being broken. Derek Dolfie, an advisor from El Dorado, was a supervisor at the dance. He mentions that the advisors at the dances “have two primary goals.” The first one is to uphold the Y values, making sure no one is breaking the code of conduct, and the second one is safety. Dolfie says that safety is a big concern and that advisors try as hard as they can to keep everyone safe. However, he also claims that, “we can’t be at all places at all times because the delegates outnumber us.”

Dolfie brings up the new elevated platforms in the center of the room at the dance with advisors on them. The elevated platforms allow advisors to see everything going on in case they need to break something up.

Author: Alissa Neou