Delegates Interest in California’s Secession Increases Every Year

Every year Constitutional Convention delegates write a proposal to have California succeeding from the nation. Three year Con Con volunteer program staff member Kevork Kurdoghilan says that delegates propose that California succeed from the United States every year but every year the proposal fails to pass. This year, two proposals were introduced and, according to Kurdoghilan, this year the proposals were closer than ever to passing. Proposals are passed by voice vote so a tally was not available.

Proposal 124, written by Con Con member Ethan Brisley from the Conejo Valley YMCA, stated that California shall create the California Postal Service and shall succeed from the nation. (The full proposal is available here ConCon proposal list.) “California relies on the federal postal service so if we were to succeed from the nation we would need our own California postal service to succeed.” said Ethan Brisley. Proposal 124 was voted on and did not pass on Friday.

A second proposal, Proposal 350, was written by Con Con member Dylan Medlock from Conejo Valley YMCA. Proposal 350 would not have California succeed entirely from the nation but to have an “in-n-out” policy. For three out of every four years California would not be part of the United States, but for the last year of the four year cycle California would be part of the United States. (The full proposal is available here Con Con proposal list.) Medlock drew inspiration from Ethan Brisley’s Proposal 124 but Medlock’s proposal was meant to be a compromise and would “have California be independent and still have a strong relationship with the U.S.” Proposal 350 was voted on and did not pass Sunday.

Most interviewed delegates believed the proposals were meant as a joke. The proponents, however, intended them to be taken seriously. “For California having the 6th largest economy in the world we could thrive on our own with out the help of the U.S.” said Brisley.

While neither proposal passed the fact that it is introduced every year shows that Youth and Government Delegates are serious about their interest in making California a separate nation.

Author: Ali Manfield