Delegates React to Anti-Jerry Brown/Pro-Trump Protest

Post election, conflict between liberals and conservatives has been at an all time high. When Trump supporters were seen protesting during a California Youth and Government conference in Sacramento–one of the most concentrated areas of liberal teens in the state–delegates and outsiders alike reacted in various ways.

Though there were physical acts of defiance including kicking over signs and flashing the middle finger, many delegates reacted on a more emotional level. One delegate said, “My mother had breast cancer and if it weren’t for systems like Obama Care she never would have made it,” in response to the protester’s claims of Obamacare’s negative impacts.

Another delegate claimed that as a Mexican, bisexual woman she strongly disagreed with the activist’s opinions on women’s rights and removing sanctuary cities. She also admitted that it was very hard for her to listen to their opinions.

Other delegates gave the protesters a chance to explain their ideology. As delegate Bella Manfrida said, “At first when we were talking to the protesters they were getting very defensive at times but now it is just healthy debate.” After she gave the protesters time, she opened her mind to debate with the protesters and realized that the protesters were largely interested in finding common ground rather than changing things completely.

In a classic case of misinterpretation, however, protesters’ signs were misconstrued as racist. The signs read, “If it’s brown flush it down,” but protesters quickly clarified that the insinuation was not racial at all, and really alluded to, “If it’s Jerry Brown flush it down.”

Protesters truly believe that they are fighting for a better tomorrow and the preservation of the country. One protester noted that people should realize there are two sides to every coin and that it is very important to look at the other person’s side.

At the end of the day, as one protester said, “It is my right as an American to speak out when I disagree, and I did and will continue to [do so].”

Author: Ali Manfield