Delegates’ Views on the Courtroom

Being part of the Court programs, the main role is to learn how to support your case and enforce laws in a fair manner. This is put to action by a debate regarding the case. During Sacramento, delegates who are in the court programs are able to use the Capitol courtrooms for their debates.

Having the privilege to use actual government courtrooms can be a huge difference from debating in just a regular room.  Since this is not something just anyone can experience, we asked some delegates to give their opinion on this experience.

A delegate from the Supreme Court said how debating in an actual courtroom helps with the mood and, “it gives you the feeling like you’re actually part of the government.” She also went on saying how it teaches and prepares you for the future.

Jenny Lee from Torrance-South Bay delegation, also said it sets the mood of the debate. “If you’re in the certain environment you are more obligated to feel as though you act a certain way and it gives you the feel of what youth and government is”.

Caitlin English, a judge from the Ventura Family, talked about how lucky we are to be able to use the courtroom, and how it gives off an increased feeling of professionalism, “it shows that we are serious, dedicated, and we don’t need a room with sentimental value.”

Saaketh Tirumala from the Torrance-South Bay delegation, who is currently running for the Chief Justice position, explained how it is a very cool experience being able to go in the courtrooms. “Being able to go inside and debate in the courtrooms is very exciting because it feels like the real deal.”

Having the access to go in the government courtrooms impacts many delegates through many new experiences that not everyone is given. Through this they are able to feel the real perspective of a model government.


Author: Lydia Chon

Torrance - South Bay