DOF Director Alex Hachigian: A True Leader

Though not all leaders in Y&G are as well known as the Youth Governor, many delegates hold executive leadership positions within their respective program areas. Alex Hachigian, a delegate from the Newport-Corona Del Mar delegation is one of them. Hachigian has worked his way to the top during his time in the Department of Finance, and is now the Director of the entire program area. He leads and inspires his peers everyday.

When reporters asked Alex how the Department of Finance affects the Youth and Government culture as a whole, he responded that he, “works very closely with the legislature,” to implement their work with other aspects of Y&G.

Hachigian also stated that his position, “enables him to work with a wider range of Y&G delegates,” and said that he hopes to meet and influence even more delegates while in office as Director of DOF. He believes that it is important to connect the Youth and Government community by incorporating the ideas of delegates from other program areas into DOF.

Alex Hachigian also commented on how he has integrated DOF work into other programs of Youth and Government, boasting that his program area, “has really focused on collaborating with other program areas by uniting with the legislature by presenting a budget to them.”

Hachigian has taken the initiative to make DOF’s work relevant to other program areas; his efforts are helping to create unity throughout all of Youth and Government.

Author: Grace Hachigian

Newport-Corona del Mar