East-Valley Delegate Shares His Thoughts On Current Youth Governor Ariana Trujillo

East-Valley delegate and National Issues Commission committee chair Luke Minck shared his insight on what it is like to be a part of Youth Governor Ariana Trujillo’s delegation.

Luke said that he is, “really proud to be a part of East-Valley because having a youth governor that is also [a] close friend is such a great experience,” which many other East-Valley delegates also believe.

Ariana, being an inspiration to many, is a particularly large inspiration to Luke. Minck said that, “Ariana inspires me because of her background, coming from a third world country, and now the Youth Governor, so there was a lot of effort that she put into it.”

Luke then recalled his emotions at the moment of Ariana’s election, describing himself as, “super excited because we as a delegation campaigned super hard for her and she was just such a great candidate.”