Expectation vs. Reality: The First Day in Forum

Amelia Zehnder, Dakota Margolis, and Olivia Nyguen, three forum delegates, were asked about their first day in Sacramento. More specifically, they were questioned on expectations of how their first session was going to go.

“It was really fun; it was nice to see all my friends that I haven’t seen in a while, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I’m a freshman, but so far it’s been really fun.” Amelia Zehnder enthusiastically states.

“My expectations for Sac were for it to be really stressful, but chill at the same time because we get to go to our hotel rooms and rest.. They’re definitely giving more time between sessions than Fresno.” Olivia Nyguen says.

“I definitely expected to be a lot busier than I am right now, but I have a lot of free time and I get to hang out and go to restaurants with my friends.” Dakota Margolis adds.

Dakota Margolis and Olivia Nyguen, both returners, had similar expectations, but Amelia Zehnder was blind coming into the Y&G program.

Forum gives the freshmen an opportunity to come together as one grade level and venture out to meet new people. Whether one is a more reserved delegate in the back of the room or a social butterfly that isn’t scared of a challenge, everyone has for a different experience.

Stress is one of the main expectations for the freshmen because it’s their first time in Sacramento, which is often a commonality in the Forum. The girls interviewed all had a positive experience in their first sessions, and took the stress in stride.

Sometimes it takes a small serving of the unknown to form a beautiful reality.

Author: Celeste Baquero