Forum: Would It Have Helped You In Y&G?

The purpose of the Forum program is to help freshmen become familiar with the Youth and Government program. Some delegates think that forum isn’t needed; others believe that it’s the best thing in this program for delegates.

Katie Garner is a senior from the Culver-Palms YMCA. This is her third and last year in the Youth and Government program. Katie does not think Forum would have improved her experience.  “It’s pretty straightforward and there are a lot of people around to help, and there are a lot of advisors to show you what to do.”

Kyle Smith also did not think the Forum program would have helped. “It’s a pretty integrated system. There’s a lot of advisors and people that go through meetings explaining the procedures and stuff… The only thing that would have helped was knowing your way around town. My last year was my first year and definitely you get lost sometimes, and having that extra year would have helped.”

Keelen Wolper was unfamiliar with the Forum program, but he thought it would have helped. “If it’s like an introduction to this program then it would have been helpful. I didn’t know what to do when I first came here, I was just kind of finding my way. I thought it was pretty fun just figuring it out.”

Delegates have their own views on what would help them personally. Some delegates are independent and know what they’re doing from day one, others don’t know what they’re doing.



Author: Nalani Kamae

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