Forum Assembly!

Forum Assembly Overview By: Forum News Forum can always be nerve-wracking for many 9th graders. In forum, you create a bill that will go through the Forum Assembly and possibly through the senate. In Forum Assembly,  Tate Oien is the speaker, and he leads all debates and makes sure decorum is maintained throughout the session. … Continue reading “Forum Assembly!”

Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs…

  Committee Chairs and Their Vice Chairs. By: Forum News The Forum News team asked three different committee chairs/vice chairs about their bills and their responsibilities as chair. We loved their answers and wanted to share them with you! This is Todd from the SVC central, he is in the Economics committee and serves as the committee chair. We asked Todd … Continue reading “Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs…”

What The Guys Are Rockin’

Fashion posts seem to primarily be concerned about what the ladies are wearing, but here in Forum Media, we are just as curious to see what the guys are rocking through the halls of our state’s capitol.

Political Cartoons: The First of 1

Senate and Assembly Cartoon By: Politics and Elections This is a comic type drawing of delegates in the session of senate or assembly. Within senate and assembly delegates debate on different bill topics ad vote on if it should pass or not.

Forum Icebreaker Interview Video!!!

Forum Icebreaker Interviews What’s the best way to get to know new people? Icebreakers! Everyone has a favorite icebreaker, so we decided to check in with some forum kids and ask what their personal favorites are…