Tasty Travels

Tasty Travels 

Written by: Georgi Massey and Serena Jenson

Spending almost four days in Sacramento can leave delegates with many options to choose as far as dining, granted that most of the food is not provided. To spare people the time and walking of searching for a suitable
place to eat that is both affordable and tasty, we present to you the three best places to eat within range of the convention center, voted on by fellow delegates. The three best restaurants are; Cafe Ambrosia, Osaka, and Cafeteria 15L. Between the three restaurants, the food and atmosphere was judged by taste, comfort level, and customer service. Not only did these three deliver the best quality of food for the price, but were served by friendly faces in a clean environment.

A perfect restaurant
with a modern design
large portions and
exquisite food!!
Cute, quick cafe. Great
for breakfast on the go
with a wide selection
of yummy brunch
Calming restaurant
with friendly service
and great sushi, perfect
for between sessions.
Tasty Travels
By: Georgi Massey & Serena Jenson
The first restaurant on our list was Cafe
Ambrosia. Here we made our
selections off of the breakfast menu.
We ordered the breakfast sandwich
and pasta salad along with their
homemade lemonade. Our food was
made fresh to order and overall
fulfilling. They provide a warm and
welcoming space with an affordable
menu. Every dish was served with a
smile. This cafe is perfect for a sit down
breakfast or a delegate on the go.
Osaka Sushi restaurant greeted
us with pleasant service, a soothing
environment, and delicious sushi. The
service was fast and the servers were
kind. The bill later came with a variety
of Japanese candies that made our
experience that much better. The
restaurant was peaceful with dim
lighting and soft music. The sushi was
spectacular with the sesame seed
garnish and carefully piped wasabi on
the side. Presentation was visually
pleasing and made the food even more
appetizing. Overall, Osaka Sushi is a
great option if you want tasty food in a
calming environment.
Lastly, we visited our restaurant
with the highest recommendations,
Cafeteria 15L. Since we arrived during
happy hour, we were pleasantly
surprised with great prices for the large
portion of fantastic tasting appetizers.
The atmosphere was inviting, trendy
and clean. With an assortment of
comfortable couches and modern
design, the space was very enjoyable
to dine in. It was difficult to find any
faults with this restaurant. Not only was
the food spectacular, but the service
only aided us in our choice that this is
our all time favorite restaurant in
As a result of visiting these three eateries we
have come to a conclusion that Cafeteria 15L
has surpassed all expectations, therefore
making it our top recommendation. Still all
three restaurants impressed us with their
cuisine and presentation. We strongly
encourage you to give these restaurants a try!

Fashion Nova Frenzy

Fashion Nova Frenzy

Fashion within Youth and Government is very diverse. Each delegate has their own style that makes them unique. As the five of us walked around, we saw the different looks of many people. Girls can wear flats, heels, or boots. Guys can wear dress shoes, and Sperry’s are now coming into style for both genders. Girls can wear suit pants, a skirt, or a dress. We saw examples of all these. For men, the most common style of shirt is a normal dress shirt. The most popular outer layers for women are blouses or a blazer. Men also wear blazers, but they also wear sweaters or cardigans. Fashion is growing in popularity, and people care about their look, and Youth and Government is the place to show it off.  

Written by: Blake Hall, Julie Flores, Herberth Granados, Cade Silva and Hamza Mustafa

Luke Antaky Interview

Link to interview: https://youtu.be/43U7emSzURU   

On Friday, February 16, delegates Haskell MacDonald and Arry Wang from Forum Media interviewed Forum lieutenant governor finalist Luke Antaky on Forum, his personal views on the program and his experiences, and possible changes to the program. He gave very informative responses to our questions and offered valuable insight into the benefits and drawbacks of the Forum program in Youth and Government.

Cole Cahill’s advice for the new youth governor

Riley: Thank you for being with us.

Cole: Thank you for having me.

R: We just wanted to ask a few questions on the topic of future youth governors and what you learned along the way. So, the first question is: What advice would you give to the next youth governor?

C: Yeah, I would definitely tell them to do everything they can to prepare in advance. The worst thing, especially when you have conferences, is to not know what’s going on, not know what you have to do, and to not be prepared for your speeches and sessions. So making sure you have a great chief of staff, choosing someone you’re gonna work well with and you can communicate with well in preparation as well as throughout all the conferences. Because it’s a lot on your plate, but if you get it organized, it’s manageable. And the other thing is to just consider the role for what it is, take advantage of the time you have as youth governor, and to make memories, remember how special it is, and how quickly it can go by.

R: On the topic of where you’d said to be prepared, what do you think is the most important thing to do to prepare for a campaign?

C: So, campaigning is really a whole other story. It’s totally different from what I’ve been doing this year as youth governor. In terms of campaigning, I think having a lot of really good people around you who are supporting your campaign and are willing to work with you to get your face and your brand out there is really key. And also, something that I learned a lot was just being able to go up and talk to someone and push any awkwardness or hesitation aside and just say ‘Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’m running for this position, let’s talk about something. Just those kinds of things. And preparing for any outcome, too. Running for a position, whether it’s youth governor or any other position, obviously being elected and being able to serve that role is amazing, the end goal, but you have to know getting into it that if you aren’t elected and it doesn’t go the way that you intend it to, that experience is valuable as well. And you have to be ok with that going in.

R: What would you say, while you were campaigning, were the high points or kind of low points that you faced?

C: The high points were definitely people coming up and saying ‘I think you’re such a great candidate!’ or ‘I really loved your speech and I plan on voting for you!’ It’s just really nice to have that foundations  and have people that are really resonating with what you’re saying cause that’s really the ultimate goal. And the low points are just being exhausted. Especially with a youth governor campaign, you’re always on stage, you’re made to feel like everyone’s watching, like everyone’s deciding whether or not they’re gonna vote for you based on how you’re acting, and that gets really tiring. So just being overextended and just drained a lot of the time was tough.

R: I can only imagine.

C: Yeah.

R: Here’s kinda a silly question. On the lines of how much popularity you’ve gained, especially when you walk into forum and we all go ballistic, what was that like?

C: The only word I can use is like surreal and bizarre. Like, at school, and in every other part of, my life, it’s not like everyone knows I’m the youth governor, or even knows who I am. Then I come here and everyone knows who I am and everything about me and they think I’m super cool. Or maybe they don’t but, it’s bizarre. It’s like being this celebrity in a very specific context. It freaks me out a little bit. It’s a very weird feeling, and it’s kinda cool to experience because I don’t think I’ll get that at any other point in my life. So I try to have fun with it, I try to appreciate it and not let it overwhelm me. But it’s weird, it’s very weird.

R: I can imagine having your face on a pamphlet would be hard.

C: It’s a little strange.

R: And finally, one more, then I promise we’ll let you go, why should people run for youth governor?

C: That’s a great question. I want my answer to speak to definitely not only youth governor but all of the positions this program has to offer. I think running for a position is one of the best ways you can use this program to grow as a person and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. You can really get out of your comfort zone in terms of public speaking, in terms of making connections and really meeting people. It’s easy to stay insulated with your delegation or the people you know, but running for something forces you to make these connections with people from all over the state. I definitely made some of my closest friends through running for positions, and if you are elected to a position, once you have it, it’s a really fun thing to be doing at the conferences. It makes the experience a lot more purposeful, and you have something to do all the time, it’s really just a lot of fun. So I really do encourage anyone in this program to, at some point while they’re here, go out for a position, whether it’s applied or elected, or anything. It’s a great way to take advantage of the opportunities this program has to offer.

R: Thank you.

C: Thank you so much.

Conservatives: The Wasted Vote

Conservatives: The Wasted Vote                                                          Gerrymandering in the Political Party System

To the delegates in forum, the party system is the only system of representation known in youth and government. The system was newly implemented this year as a replacement for the old system, which was optional and consisted of delegates creating their own parties and
choosing their own candidates. While this system allowed more freedom, it resulted in overpowering groups dominating over minorities. However, there are also downsides to the party system newly introduced to youth and government.

For example, gerrymandering, also known as redistricting, can apply to the situation. Gerrymandering is defined as the act of manipulating the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. Essentially, redrawing the voting boundaries. The main goal is to place people with specific views in particular districts, making them the minority vote, where their opinion will most likely not be heard, or to help the majority vote.

Despite how prevalent this is in the political community, it is unbeknownst to most of the current youth, especially in Y&G. Not many Y&G delegates are aware of gerrymandering and its effects.

Gerrymandering is a current issue within the political parties due to the lack of representation regarding conservative delegates in the California YMCA Youth and Government. The form of gerrymandering that specifically relates to this situation is cracking, which consists of spreading those with a certain view thinly among a voting district in order to ensure their status as a minority. However, in this case, the districts are being replaced with the six political parties. Conservative delegates are being spread thinly among predominantly liberal parties, resulting in only liberal representation.

Many conservative delegates cannot identify with the panels of their political parties, and feel as if they are not represented fairly.

Hailee Pitschke, a forum delegate that identifies as conservative, imputed that “Republicans aren’t at all fairly represented,” and recognizes that “conservatives are spoken in a very negative light when it comes to gerrymandering, because conservatives are currently in power when Democrats are in power they do it equally as much, gerrymandering is something that both parties are guilty of.” She also has confirmed that she dislikes her party, as she does not hold the same views and beliefs as her fellow delegates.

With our youth governor, Cole Cahill’s, idea of “shifting … towards bipartisan commission and using different algorithms that don’t make it biased towards a particular side”, both the minority and the majority will have equal representation than with the current party system. The ability to be heard will increasingly lead to a greater sale of compromise and collaboration between different views. This is ultimately essential in government, which is the purpose of the youth and government program – to learn, to experience, and to listen.

Written by: Alexis DiMaria, Linnea Chandler, Lauren Bolton, Liam Rowell, Jonah Rosen-Bloom, Grace Merritt, Emily Soto, and Matthew Friedenthal

#YWeWearBlack #MeToo #TimesUp

#YWeWearBlack #MeToo #TimesUp

While they may sound insignificant at first glance in actuality these quotes are a movement. A movement of all women and even men alike telling everyone they will not be silenced. The survivors of sexual assault are no longer standing back. Sydney Custer, the president of F.L.I.P. caucus says that the Times Up movement says: “No longer shall anyone in the workplace or anyone who faced it in politics should have to hide.” Sydney joined the caucus as a freshman and had mentors to guide her through it all. Towards the end of her journey she was fortunate enough to join all of the influential women, and become president of F.L.I.P. She was uplifted by everyone’s stories and that they were brave enough to come forward and speak out. The women and men who’ve stood up and gained so much support from the #YWeWearBlack movement have inspired Sydney as it inspires everyone.  

Written by: Alyssa Schultz and the Forum Media Committee Lifestyle 1

This Week’s Fashion Trends

This Week’s Fashion Trends

Written by: Alyssa Schultz and Forum Media Lifestyle 1

You notice the different clothing trends around your school or town, and Y&G is no difference. This weekend there has been a few noticeable trends; from girls favoring plaid and winter coats to boys wearing sweaters instead and suit jackets.

Plaid has been worn in many ways this weekend; dresses, blazers, skirts, and even pants. You could wear an all plaid blazer and pant combo, or just wear a dress or skirt with the pattern.

Peacoat, Chesterfield, and the Trenchcoat are a few of the many winter coats delegates are wearing this year. Being able to keep up with the Sac Attire and keep warm is not a problem for them.

Instead of having to buy multiple suits or feeling like you’re wearing the same thing every day; the popular alternative is to wear a sweater over your button down with a bow tie.

this is a poll on what you think of forum and should we abolish it next year

For many, Forum can feel limited. Delegates have to attend sessions in senate and assembly which can feel unfair when upperclassmen are able to choose which program area they want and spend all their time there. Many feel that forum is a good introduction to Y&G and for that reason, some think it should stay.  Forum is smaller than Y&G as a whole which encourages delegates to run for new positions and gives delegates the tools needed to be successful in later years. These are only some of the arguments people are making and ultimately forum has many ups and downs.

#MeToo and Y We Wear Black: The Revolution Sweeping the Silver Screen and Beyond

By Riley Helburg and Theo Serafimidis

Over the past few months, sexual assault and harassment allegations have been exposed through the determination and strength of the survivors. Me Too, originally created by Tarana Burke ten years ago, has just recently begun to pick up attention. Due to the recent limelight, the movement has gained, more people than ever have the determination to speak out. Offenders such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Ben Vereen are amongst a growing list of perpetrators whose actions have the movement on the rise. On the first day of Sac, delegates from all over California rallied in black to show support.

Riley Helburg and Lindsay Thomas are seen wearing black in this picture to show support for the #Ywewearblack movement

Molly Rich, a delegate from the West Valley Delegation of One Love, had this to say about her support of the movement.

“I think Time’s Up is an important and necessary move because it encourages women to gather together and fight for a common belief, that belief being to change the narrative and give back so that they have the ability to share their stories and advice, ultimately giving justice and closure to survivors.”

Like Molly, Maria Contreras, an intern for the forum committee for Sexually Based Offenses, shows black to support the survivors.

“For me, the Time’s Up movement is a great way to see public support for the cause,” Contreras says that it’s awesome to see that so many women in positions of power are standing up against assault. She calls the movement a “catalyst” for change.

Paige Nelson wore black on Friday


A delegate from Torrence-south bay, Jenny Hoang, describes her motives as “showing solidarity And unity, Saying that we, The body of the people… will not be silenced anymore.”

Likewise, Landon Southard from SDSC offered his thoughts, stating that “Me too is an amazing thing because it gives a platform to all those who have been marginalized by society because they were sexually abused or harassed.”

Much like y and g, the movement’s goal can be put into these powerful words: hopefully, as the era of silence passes, we can move forward to a brighter future.

How do you think Youth & Government affects California’s Government?

Delegates in Forum Media recently did a poll on how they think Youth and Government affect Californias state government. They were able to collect this data on delegates opinions of the program and the state.


  • Positive- 24/30 (80%)
  • Neutral- 5/30 (16.66%)
  • Unsure- 1/30 (3.34%)
  • Negative- 0/30 (0%)



This shows the contrast between the views of our peers. Eighty percent of the thirty people interviewed responded that Youth and Government has a positive impact on our government. One of the reasons many delegates said that Youth and Government has a positive impact on the state is because of bills that people pass that go to the state and ultimately become law. A smaller portion of people thought that Youth and Government had little to no effect on California. They thought that the Youth and Government program made little impact and wasn’t as effective as it could be with such little opportunity to meet and create bills. Even though people might not think that delegates from this program are mature enough to make these kinds of changes for the state’s laws, Nick Falk, a candidate for 71st youth governor, stated that “…although adults act like children, us children from Y&G act like adults”.



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