Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs…

  Committee Chairs and Their Vice Chairs.

By: Forum News

The Forum News team asked three different committee chairs/vice chairs about their bills and their responsibilities as chair. We loved their answers and wanted to share them with you!

This is Todd from the SVC central, he is in the Economics committee and serves as the committee chair.

We asked Todd Young from the San Jose Delegation what the Economics committee’s bill is about, and he told us that the main goal of their bill was to get minimum wage based on the county where you live in. They want to make a commission of 12 people that will be in charge of 6 different groups, to put different counties in, depending on how much money they make and those will be the different amounts of minimum wages. His group chose this bill because they believe the cost of living is different in each city and depending on where you live, making minimum wage wont be enough to prosper in certain areas. This could lead to people moving out of their working area and even lead to homelessness. We also asked him what it takes to be a great committee chair and he told us that committee chairs need to be be responsible and respectful towards others.

We also asked Michael Udo from the Westchester YMCA and he informed us that the Education committee’s bill is about getting rid of “permanent status” for teachers, more commonly known as tenure, and making it “protected status,” making it easier for the administration to remove a teacher that is not meeting the educational standards. His group chose this bill because everyone has had unqualified teachers along their educational journey who are nearly impossible to remove because of tenure, depriving them of the education they deserve. Michael says to be a committee chair it takes determination, strength, and having an open mind. These are important characteristics for a leader because without them you wouldn’t have the drive to carry a committee to success.

Finally, we interviewed Alexis Valdez from the Conejo Valley delegation and she told us about the Poverty committee’s bill. Through CalWorks, their bill helps impoverished women get the necessities they need. Currently, feminine hygiene products are classified as a “luxury.” This group believes that it should be deemed a necessity so women may be able to buy the products they need with EBT cards. Alexis believes that in order to be a successful vice chair, it takes working with your chair and making sure you’re able to delegate the time equally between speaking and listening. Also, the vice chair should take notes and really know the bill inside and out in order to help your committee thrive.