Forum Assembly!

Forum Assembly Overview

By: Forum News

Forum can always be nerve-wracking for many 9th graders. In forum, you create a bill that will go through the Forum Assembly and possibly through the senate.

In Forum Assembly,  Tate Oien is the speaker, and he leads all debates and makes sure decorum is maintained throughout the session. Piper Samuels is the clerk, who reads the enacting clauses and keeps track of the time during session. Darren Pung, the sergeant at arm, helps maintain decorum by patrolling the room, and making sure all delegates are giving their full respect and attention to the speaker.

In the assembly the clerk first reads the enacting clause, then a bill sponsor will come to the front to give a brief summary of the bill, as well as, some pros for the bill. Next, a legislative analyst will come to the front to talk about the finance of the bill, and whether or not it is economically feasible. Following that, Pro and Con speakers debate the topic and point out advantages and flaws in the bill. Lastly, the bill sponsor comes up once again and gives a submission speech and he adresses all the questions and answers them. After that everyone votes and the bill is either passed or not passed.