Tasty Eats

A Feat About what to Eat By: Health      The limited food selections in Fresno are nothing compared to the immense amounts of good eats in Sacramento. Whether it’s a cute exterior and interior, or great food and drinks, Sacramento is the place to eat! There are great urban food joints to eat at … Continue reading “Tasty Eats”

Ambrosia Cafe

The Ambrosia Cafe By: Health The second you walk into the Ambrosia café you can see why it is such a popular place for delegates to go. You are welcomed with quiet jazz playing and an immediate home-like feel with the fresh smell of paninis enticing you almost instantly. Friendly waiters and an original like … Continue reading “Ambrosia Cafe”

The Capitol Building Garden

The Capitol Building Garden By: Health Not even a little wind and rain can stop delegates from exercising. The Capitol’s Gardens are perfect for a morning, afternoon, or evening stroll to get your daily exercise completed.  Filled with colorful foliage, one can walk in-between beautiful trees, such as a graceful cherry blossom tree that is … Continue reading “The Capitol Building Garden”

Forum Delegate Interviews!!

Interviewing the People in Forum? By: News Not everyone knows what it’s like to participate in the Forum program, so to give everyone an idea of what it’s like to be a Forum delegate, I asked two people three specific questions about Forum. I first talked to a young lady named Lauren Applebaum. Lauren tells … Continue reading “Forum Delegate Interviews!!”

Advice from Upperclassmen

Advice from Upperclassmen By: Forum News Being in forum can be stressful! We’re all new to this program;- Maybe you lost your room key, maybe you couldn’t find the capitol building, maybe you couldn’t find your session room, or maybe you had to figure out what restaurant has the fastest service, because you only have … Continue reading “Advice from Upperclassmen”

What’s Your Favorite Starbucks Drink?

Caramel Macchiato or Vanilla Latte? By: Lifestyle With early wake up times and late bedtimes, Starbucks helps many of us get through the day–and night–during this trip.  These delegates share a few of their top Starbucks drinks, ranging from a raspberry hot chocolate and a cotton candy frappuccino.

Tate Oien 101

  By: News I have only just met Tate Oien, but I can say that he is a very intellectual and intriguing person. Before the interview started, I planned on asking Tate only four questions, though throughout the interview I wanted to learn more about him because his responses were very interesting and well worded, … Continue reading “Tate Oien 101”