Forum Court

Forum Court By: News I’m sure we are all wondering how those court kids are doing! They don’t come to committee meetings since their court obligations override bill issues, so we wanted to know how they were enjoying it. We asked Melody and Veronica some questions so we could know a little more about this … Continue reading “Forum Court”

First Aid Kit is Lit!

First Aid Kit is Lit! By: Health Some of the delegates carry around bandages and mole skin. Moleskin is a jellylike material that helps cure blisters. It’s a thicker feel of skin, so your blister won’t hurt as much. Almost every delegate carries bandages around, just in case they need any. A way to prevent … Continue reading “First Aid Kit is Lit!”

Stylin’ in Sacramento!

Sacramento Styles Business Casual- a term that doesn’t usually bring smiles to most highschoolers’ faces.  But when these delegates took on the task of dressing appropriately, they rose to the challenge.  With their patterns, bright colors, and cute tote bags, they showed their trendy styles here in Sacramento. Be sure to check out all the … Continue reading “Stylin’ in Sacramento!”