How Can Political Parties Improve Rallies

Last night, the Political Parties hosted rallies for each of the candidates running for 70th Youth Governor. While these rallies were exciting, some Political Parties delegates say they would have changed things.

Anna Thedosopoulos of the West Valley delegation says, “I probably would have made it indoors, and we spent a lot of time talking to Chief Justice candidates. Instead I would’ve spent more time talking about our [Youth Governor] candidate.” Vice Chair Lucy Schuler of the Sppy-Wy delegation said, “It was hard for everyone to hear our speakers, but overall it was great that we had such great attendance. There were about 300 delegates who attended.”

Youth Governor candidate Cole Cahill from the South Pasadena San Marino delegation agreed with issues of locations, saying, “the space we were in was very narrow and it was in a big walk through area.” Nate Rowe, the chair of the Sunrise Party from Crescenta-Canada delegation said, “I think the hardest thing was getting people involved. There were only about 50 to 60 who attended.”

Keaton Boddicker from the SDSC/ Magdalena Ecke delegation, says, “We probably should’ve advertised a little more to make it a bigger scale and maybe play louder music, but overall it was good,” Blake Sloane, chair of the Office party, said.

Caroline Hamblin of the East Valley delegation, however, says, “I would not change anything about our rally last night.” Shahzad Khan, chair of the Launch Party the from the East Valley delegation said, “I think I would focus on bringing more people maybe. The location was a little too discreet, a location that’s farther away from other parties.”

Author: Valerie Cortes Ferrer