How Political Parties Prepare for Rallies

This evening, Political Parties will be hosting rallies — a task that requires a lot of preparation.

Lucy Schuler, a delegate from SPPY/WY-San Pedro in the Delta Party, stated that she is, “going to utilize [the] candidates and [the] officers.” Schuler wants, “a lot of big faces to come in. [They] are going to have a raffle, a ring toss, hashtag challenges and a voter registration booth.” The end goal, according to Schuler, is to allow delegates to interact with officers and engage in the platform.

The Sunrise Party has similar plans. Seva Patel, a Political Parties delegate from the Miller Family Y delegation said “we have been planning since the day we got here. We combine each of our ideas and create a plan. We want people to come and see what we are all about. We have been making posters, a video, and spreading the word to others.”  

Abi Jensen of the El Dorado delegation, a Political Parties delegate from The Office Party—which is also preparing for their rally, said, “We brain storm minute-by-minute, we split up into different groups so we each had different jobs that help prepare for each part of the rally.”

Christian Meza, an East Valley delegate in the Launch Party also said, “We based our rally off of our pie-chart with the percentages we plan on carrying and portraying that information for delegates to vote for us. 70 percent of that is criminal punishment and 30 percent of that is gay rights.”