How Y and G Affects the Hard Workers of Sacramento

Every year in February, over three thousand delegates from the Youth and Government program take to the streets of Sacramento.

It is evident that the city of Sacramento affects the program, but how does the Youth and Government program affect Sacramento? How do workers in Sacramento feel with this high fluctuation of student life? Do workers dread the day the students arrive or await eagerly for our positive energy?

The Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Sacramento.

Most workers asked seemed to enjoy when the students and volunteers arrive for the Youth and Government program. Staff at various hotels and restaurants enjoy the Youth and Government program’s energy and positive attitude, the YMCA’s organizational skills, and the income that the Y and G delegates bring to a plethora of companies.

Marilyn, a front desk employee at the Hyatt in Sacramento complimented the Youth and Government program by happily stating, “[The YMCA] is such a well run organization that there is really not much for us to do unless you guys lose a key or something.”

Marilyn is happy when Youth and Government comes into her hotel because students bring happiness and enthusiasm to Sacramento. She also made a strong point that each and every delegate, “has a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy, and compared to some other people we work with, [the general population] don’t have that exuberance that the [delegates] have.”

Delegates walking around Sacramento.

It’s exciting and important to hear that delegates have a positive affect on the city and the employees around Sacramento. The positive energy from the Youth and Government program both encourages employees around Sacramento to work hard and to stay enthusiastic, but also to continue supporting Y and G throughout the years.



Author: Layson Savant

Newport-Corona del Mar