‘I Didn’t Sign up for this Tower of Terror’

An elevator in the Sheraton had a serious malfunction while it was descending from the third floor on Thursday evening. The brakes in the elevator failed to activate causing the elevator and the people inside to drop straight to ground floor. Nobody was reported injured. 

It is unclear how many delegates were inside the elevator at the time, but Zach Glabman, from NCDM stated that, “It was absolutely terrifying and I saw my life flash before my eyes.” He said that many delegates started screaming and panicking, slamming the emergency buttons and praying for their lives.

The front of Sheraton Hotel

Sam Wardwell, a first year delegate from NCDM exclaims, “I didn’t sign up for this Tower of Terror!”

Officials are looking into the likely causes of the elevator malfunction.


The elevators inside Sheraton

Some delegates that were in the elevator fall feel uncomfortable and are still recovering from the traumatic experience. Others that have heard the story are more cautious when it comes to taking elevators as they express that they don’t want this to happen to them.

After the malfunction, the delegates from the fallen elevator said they reached the ground floor unharmed and decided to risk it all again and take another elevator to their room.