Intro to the Capitol

by Maggie McCormick, Deep Kaur, Rachel Jung

This February in Sacramento, Y&G has the privilege of “taking over” the Capitol once again. Unfortunately, many delegates don’t have sessions that allow them to visit this beautiful and historical building.

The Capitol Building

A tour guide working at the Capitol expressed her sorrow in the fact that many Californians never visit this place. She said “it’s a shame that so many people have chosen not to come here, and it’s free.”

She went on to explain how they have an exhibit that changes every year, and this year is Treasures from the State Archives. It features real artifacts from the State library such as President Lincoln’s signature and preserved books. This exhibit is one reason why delegates should try to visit and learn some of the history of the Capitol.

The Vault

The juxtaposition of the East and West Wings is another reason to explore. Secretary of State Maria Contreras stated that she loves the contrast of the East and West Wings. “Because one side is kind of like all business no show…but when you come to the other side of it, you realize the history of it.”

West Wing
The East Wing






Obviously there is much more to be enjoyed and hopefully delegates will find interest in going to the Capitol and explore its history and unique exhibits this week.