Intro to the Courts

Jury Trial prepping for their court case.

The Youth and Government Supreme Court resides in the Hyatt hotel from 10:15am-12:30pm, and debates many tough concepts. One main issue debated on is whether or not church should be involved in state affairs.

The first day of the Supreme Court was a “very busy day” because, “we got locked out of our little room” as Jake Takakjian from the Palisades Malibu delegation states. Anneka Crowley from the Conejo Valley delegation adds that, “we are currently essentially reading our cases and looking for quotes that we can use in our arguments.”

Jury Trial delegates convene in the Hyatt and are currently learning how to select a jury and learning what questions should be asked to direct the decision of the judge. Sam Abrams from the Westside Family delegation said that the first day in Jury Trial was very exciting,”we got into the meat of our case, writing out a fact pattern and learning what type of information needs to be applied where.” Sam also says that this year is a bit more challenging because,”each side is only given half of the facts about the case, so that information will be given out during the trial.”

The Bench Trial includes both a judge and a jury. On the first day of Bench Trial, James Baldwin from SPPY/WY-Palos Verdes told us, “it’s a lot of reviewing the case so we can get the execution right.”

James also talks about some of the struggles like getting witnesses from other program areas to support a controversial case, such as a murder case. Sam states that it is more fun to defend the murderer than to prosecute the murderer, because of the fact that it is more of a challenge.


Author: Devon Smart

EPIC- Murrieta/Temecula