Issues Facing Political Parties

This past presidential election revealed major flaws within parties. While organizations may seem calm and collective to spectators, those on the inside know the true issues that are faced daily.

While flaws seen in the past few months have been too extreme for Youth and Government, Political Parties have faced issues of their own. Senior Sophia Bringas believes the main issue within political parties is the lack of work to do.

Bringas explained how “People just sit around doing nothing while a few people actually do important work for the candidates.”

Most delegates view Political Parties as a relaxed program area with minimal work. Delegates believe it is a fun way to spend their time in Sacramento, and don’t think about how those in political parties take over candidates’ campaigns.

When asked what the biggest issue within Political Parties is, senior Jack Kilgore explained how the parties support the candidates platforms more than the actual candidates.

“Most people don’t know how to adjust to the shift from the candidates to their platforms, everyone just wants to focus on the candidate as a person,” explained Kilgore.

Some may see this shift as a good thing, seeing as how delegates will know clear platforms and what each candidate stands for. However this change may create distance between candidates and delegates because delegates may feel they don’t really know who each candidate is as an individual.

Despite these issues, Political Parties is a thriving program area running great campaigns for each Youth Governor hopeful. Youth and Government has also created a new program area, Youth and Activism, for delegates to help bring change to the program. Those within youth and activism are currently finding ways for Political Parties to become a better program area for all delegates and Youth and Government as a whole.