Long Lines at Sacramento

It’s almost impossible to avoid long lines at Sacramento during the Youth and Government Conference. Whether it’s trying to get coffee at Starbucks or trying to get back to a hotel room, there always seems to be a line a mile long.

The crunch is really felt around food joints. Many delegates wait in long lines, with only a short time to spare. Delegates like  Luke “Glomez” from the SFY/Stonestown delegation said that they were unable to have a full breakfast, some only having time to grab an orange juice.

Line at Starbucks

Like Luke, many delegates end up wasting the precious time before their sessions because of long lines, sometimes going back to their sessions with no food in hand. It also makes the advisors’ jobs, much more difficult as they have to send delegates back to their sessions.

“I know [when] the lines are gonna be bad at certain times so I try to avoid that,” says Advisor Ashley Thomas of the Greater Long Beach. It can be helpful to many delegates to be aware of the time where lots of delegates go out to eat, so that they don’t have to stand in super long lines.

Besides restaurants, getting back to hotel rooms, can be a struggle due to long elevator lines, especially at night. “I had to wait for almost an hour just to get back to my hotel room. I’m tired and my legs hurt from walking so waiting was a bit frustrating,” said Sarah Park from the TSB delegation.

It’s unlikely the long lines will end because there are almost 3,000 delegates who want similar things: food, to to hotels or sessions. However what delegates can do is manage their time in advance and get to places ahead of time so they don’t have to be stand in long lines.

Author: Rachel jung

Torrance - South Bay