Money Flow In Political Parties

While some might argue that no one has a set worth, in Youth and Government, everyone is worth exactly $100. Most delegates don’t know this fact, yet it is vital to political parties who need money in order to successfully campaign for Youth Governor candidates.

When a delegate registers with a political party, that party receives $100. This money can be used for wall space, campaign supplies, and rallies.

“Everything has a price, so it’s really important to get that money,” explained party chair Nate Rowe.

In addition to parties gaining money, they can lose money just as quickly. When delegates leave one party for another, the party they left loses $50 and the party they joined gains $50. The parties not only want to get delegates to register with their party, but then keep them loyal to the party.

Without money, the parties would not be able to run the campaigns seen every year.

Author: Stephanie Hwang

Verdugo Hills