Opening Joint Session at Fresno vs. Sac

By: Anahi Torres, Devon Smart, and Lydia Chon

We talked to a random sampling of 36 delegates, and here’s how their preferences between Fresno and Sac broke down.

Joint sessions at Fresno have more of an exciting, fun, loud, energetic vibe. Sessions at Sacramento are more calm, more serious, and feel more real. Which do delegates prefer? On the first day of Sac, we asked some for their thoughts.

“Fresno was more exciting and energetic, whereas Sacramento delegates were more tired from all the traveling,” Sana from the SVC/Central delegation said.

Many delegates had to travel overnight to get to Thursday’s opening joint session, which was then filled with long speeches.

Traveling woes aside, some delegates like Fresno better simply because of the more casual vibe. With many delegations being pumped up and cheering, there is more of an exciting atmosphere for everyone. Also, the campaigning going on before the sessions start brightens the mood.

But Sacramento’s join sessions seem to have at least one thing on Fresno’s: guest speakers.

Jeffery Kim from the MTV delegation preferred Thursday’s joint session in Sacramento because “we actually had some of the real senators come in.”

Carson Lamb from Berkeley likes both cities’ sessions equally. She said Sacramento seemed more real and serious, whereas Fresno had more of an exciting energy.

“It’s hard for me to choose,” she said.

Author: Anahi Torres