How Can Political Parties Improve Rallies

Last night, the Political Parties hosted rallies for each of the candidates running for 70th Youth Governor. While these rallies were exciting, some Political Parties delegates say they would have changed things. Anna Thedosopoulos of the West Valley delegation says, “I probably would have made it indoors, and we spent a lot of time talking … Continue reading “How Can Political Parties Improve Rallies”

Delegations: Bringing Delegates Together One Conference at a Time

Every year participants returning to Youth and Government say they feel like they are coming “home.” Within the program, delegations act as support systems, spirit boosters, and shoulders to lean on when the paperwork is stacking up and delegates’ energy is draining. Arvin Hariri a second year participant in the Berkeley Delegation participates in ice breakers, … Continue reading “Delegations: Bringing Delegates Together One Conference at a Time”

A Constitution to be Proud Of

Constitutional Convention answers the age old question of, “What if?” when Youth and Government talks about political change. It’s an opportunity to create the change that most delegates preach in their speeches, debates, and discussions. A constitution that reflects everyday issues, which California’s youth desperately wish to see addressed on the floor of actual legislative … Continue reading “A Constitution to be Proud Of”

Youth Governor’s Press Conference Recap

By Sophia Hughes and Kimia Izadinia At her press conference on Saturday morning, Youth Governor Ariana Trujillo addressed the events that had occurred on Friday night regarding the actions of acting Youth Governor, Ethan Harris. Harris is the current Lieutenant Governor and vetoed a bill making California a sanctuary state while he was Youth Governor. … Continue reading “Youth Governor’s Press Conference Recap”

Viral Letter Likely Inspired Youth Governor Candidate Senayt Tassew, But She Didn’t Copy It

Youth Governor candidate Senayt Tassew’s absence from a portion of Friday’s joint session dedicated to speeches from candidates has reignited a rumor that she had inappropriately borrowed material for a speech she gave at T&E 2. However, a review by Y&G News of her speech in Fresno and the material she is accused of having used … Continue reading “Viral Letter Likely Inspired Youth Governor Candidate Senayt Tassew, But She Didn’t Copy It”

Chief Justice Candidates and Political Parties

Although some candidates choose to run unaffiliated, political parties are a big part of the campaign process for Youth Governor. Many don’t know that Chief Justice candidates also sometimes run with political parties. Chloe Hillies is running with the Launch Party, Jake Takakijan is running with the Sunrise Party, and Celine Cuadra is running with … Continue reading “Chief Justice Candidates and Political Parties”

Body Camera Bill Passes in Gold Assembly

On Saturday, February 17, the Gold Assembly passed a bill that mandates that all police officers wear body cameras. Delegates from Valle Lobo proposed the bill, which passed through voice and stand-up votes. An official tally was not available. “I think this bill would really lower police brutality because [police] would know that they were being documented,” … Continue reading “Body Camera Bill Passes in Gold Assembly”