Do Delegates Pay Attention At Opening Joint Session?

On February 16th, the 69th Youth & Government Model Legislature and Court opening joint session took place at the Sacramento Convention Center with over 3,000 delegates from all over California in attendance. The purpose of the opening joint session is to give the delegates an opportunity to get to know the officers they will be voting … Continue reading “Do Delegates Pay Attention At Opening Joint Session?”

What is NIC?

NIC consists of advanced public speaking and a unique way of finding what Sid Hirschberg calls “the best of the best.” NIC stands for National Issues Commission, and the program area primarily focuses on issues of national or international importance. This year the four presiding commissioners are Reni De La Nuez, Sidney Hirschberg, Diego Montoya and … Continue reading “What is NIC?”

Issues and Activism…New Kids On the Block

Youth and Government has received many new program installments that have been showcased during this conference. One being Issues and Activism, which holds meetings in the Sheraton. The program’s main focus would be a political compass survey that each delegate would take and be placed into a political faction. Issues and Activism plans for delegates … Continue reading “Issues and Activism…New Kids On the Block”

Veteran Delegates Reflect on Their Experiences in the Legislative Houses

For veteran Youth and Government delegates, the return to Sacramento has a nearly ritualistic quality. It is a time to reflect on years past and look forward to the days to come. To outsiders and new delegates, this may seem perplexing. However, returners to Youth and Government understand clearly the incredible experiences that this program … Continue reading “Veteran Delegates Reflect on Their Experiences in the Legislative Houses”

Travel Struggles

By Anaisse Rivero and Brianna Benford Media delegates from Group 3 went around the streets of Downtown Sacramento to interview delegates who had experienced a unique journey to the capital. These delegates shared the horrors of their bus ride–one thing they’d have changed about their trip–and described their first day. Tommy Holmes of the CCY Delegation said, “My … Continue reading “Travel Struggles”