Political Parties Coming to a Close

Many delegates within Youth and Government believe Political Parties is a laid back program area for those who prefer a more relaxed experience in Sacramento. What delegates don’t realize is how much work actually goes into Political Parties for a Youth Governor campaign.

“One of the biggest struggles with Political Parties was how diverse our platform was,” explained senior Paige Grande. “Our platform was what has helped us be so successful with gaining so much support.”

Despite the struggles with a complex platform, all Political Parties work with whatever topics they have. As the race for Youth Governor comes to an end, there is not much left the parties can do except anxiously wait for results of who make it to the top two. From there, it is up to the candidates to get the final votes.

“Blake Sloane was definitely the best part of Political Parties,” claimed Katie Gates with peer Lilly Leif nodding her head in agreement.

“Not only is Blake Sloane a great leader for the Office Party, but he is a ‘very very VERY beautiful boy’.”

As delegates in Political Parties sit and wait for election results, it’s a good time for the party chairs and candidates to reflect on the past week and what they have accomplished.

Hopefully they can look back on everything and have no regrets knowing they did everything they could to create the best campaign.

Author: Stephanie Hwang

Verdugo Hills