Rain Rain Go Away

By Rachel Jung, Brianna Macias, John Yee

With the current drought that has been occurring all across California, we have seen an exponential increase in the amount of rain that we are used to. In the face of the recent drought that California was subjected to, we now have no choice but to tolerate the excessive amount of rain that us delegates have to face during our trip in Sacramento.

Although the rain is an inconvenience, Jacob Sloboda from the SFY/Stonestrom Delegation says, “No not really.” when asked if the rain affects his Y&G experience. 

Marquise Abraham and Jake Wearns

However, that may not be the case for all, as Jake Wearns from the El Dorado Delegation and Marquise Abrahams from SPPY feel that the rain takes away from their full overall Y&G experience.

Jake Wearns states that, “I think [the rain] has put a darker mood on everything, I’m trying to be happy…but everything is like cloudy.”

In addition to the overall look of Sacramento it also restricts mobility of delegates that are required to walk far and or often in Sacramento, forcing them get their fancy clothes wet, ragged, and potentially dirty. Even for the delegates who came prepared for rain, the winds intensity caused many umbrellas to break and fold over, Marquise Abrahams included. “It’s a little harder to get around, especially if you have suede shoes,” Abrahams states. Since the rain has a negative connotation, it’s often looked upon as negative, or pessimistic.

We then decided to ask an advisor, Joseph Silvas of SPPY, who is a third year advisor. He states, “Stay generally in locations that are clear of rain and are mostly dry.”