Bill Debate: Reducing Bottle Waste

In the Blue Senate, a bill was announced which pertained to increasing the amount of money received when recycling used bottles at a recycling center from 5 to 10 cents for small bottles, and 10 to 20 cents for larger bottles.

Bill sponsor Wesley Davies argued that 23 billion bottles are used in California, which is a large amount of plastic and aluminum waste that could potentially end up on the ground, or worse, our oceans. This could lead to species dying off and or pollution spreading throughout the Earth.

Davies added that by reducing 5 cents from the purchase of the bottle, consumers will receive their money spent by returning the bottle to a recycling center.

Furthermore, Davies said that this will bill is non-partisan because it is pro-business and pro-environment.

In Michigan, this bill has already been enacted and the bottle recycling rate is now 97 percent.

According to Oregonian, the state of Oregon will increase the payment for recycling bottles from 5 to 10 cents as well.


Author: Bill Yang

EPIC- Murrieta/Temecula