Sacramento Car Chase

Yesterday morning as delegates were preparing for an exciting new day, red and blue lights flashed around their hotel rooms and loud sirens grated their ears. For students overlooking J Street, the morning took an exciting turn.

Around 7:15 a.m., a red Toyota van barrelled down J street–a one way street. This vehicle was traveling the wrong way and speeding through oncoming cars. Three police vehicles followed and continued to pursue the driver of the van.

Matt Lobel from the NCDM delegation woke up to the sirens and exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe I actually saw the chase!” 

While the car chase was a thrilling sight to many delegates, after driving through J Street, the Toyota drove onto I-5 going the wrong way and crashed into another car. The crash resulted in two fatalities and one hospitalization.

Author: Layson Savant

Newport-Corona del Mar