Youth Governor Candidate Senayt Tassew Addresses this Morning’s Absence at Joint Session

Senayt Tassew, one of the five candidates for Youth Governor, was absent Friday morning during the speech and Q&A portion of joint session. She appeared later, apologizing for her absence. This left many wondering, what happened to Senayt?

“I wasn’t feeling well,” she said. She had woken up, feeling ill, and stayed in with her roommates. This led her to miss sessions, including part of this morning’s joint session.

Addressing rumors, Tassew said that this had nothing to do with her campaign and she was in fact allowed to speak. She also addressed the rumors of Fresno II, saying she was “not aware” of the letter that she was accused of plagiarizing until two weeks following Fresno II. She said that the messages in her speech were ones that “should be repeated,” although they were not stolen.

When asked how she came up with the speech, Senayt remembered being stumped. “I wanted to write something that included everyone,” she said. One night, she explained, her group text “just exploded” with ideas. With the help of her campaign team, she was able to compose a speech she felt proud of.

Senayt recognized that the two writings “were very similar,” but she, having “never seen [the letter] before” said she could not be held accountable for plagiarism.

Author: Jane Thompson

Verdugo Hills