Spotlight on Small Delegations: SFY

Rafael Navarrete (left) and Brandon Marin (right) take a break from a game of Ninja to pose for a picture.

Competing with large crowds is never easy, especially in Youth and Government, where candidates can rely on delegations to secure their place in coveted positions. The delegates of the San Francisco YMCA (SFY) are no strangers to putting in strenuous amounts of effort to promote their candidates and to ramp up small delegation spirit.

When asked about SFY’s unique qualities, Khalil Smith, a first year Youth and Government participant, said: “Our relationship with each other is very strong and valuable.” Going through the different training events and delegation activities throughout the year, SFY has gotten multiple opportunities to learn from and enjoy each other’s company.

The Bay Area is diverse, creating a delegation that has a “really diverse [group of people] compared to other delegations,” according to Chloe Szeto. She believes that it provides for a colorful and interesting Youth and Government experience.

Having a strong sense of spirit as well as a support system is incredibly valuable in uniting small delegations. Brandon Marin and Rafael Navarrete, close friends from one of the smallest subgroups within SFY, shared similar thoughts in regards to SFY’s strength: “small but mighty,” Marin said.



Author: Sofia Betteo